Sipo Egg

Sipo Egg with mixed vegetables, quail eggs smothered in a rich, creamy sauce is the ultimate vegetable dish! Easy to make and super tasty, it’s perfect paired with steamed rice!

Sipo egg is a popular Kapampangan dish made with carrots, singkamas (jicama), green peas, and quail eggs smothered in a rich, creamy sauce. It’s a simple vegetable dish to prepare for everyday family dinners yet fancy enough for special occasions.

Although shrimp and diced ham are also common additions, I find the delicious medley of texture and flavor from tender-crisp vegetables and creamy sauce satisfying and delicious even sans meat or seafood. It’s a great vegetarian option everyone will love!

Tips on How to Make Sipo Egg:

  • I used fresh quail eggs because I had some on hand but if you want to save yourself time from boiling and peeling and use canned quail eggs. They are available at most Asian groceries or online and are ready to use in your favorite recipes.
  • Much of the flavor and texture of this dish comes from the tender-crisp vegetables. Please do not use frozen carrots, they don’t hold up as well as fresh.
  • For a smooth sauce and to keep from curdling or separating, do not allow the sauce to come to a rolling boil.
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